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56% of mobile phone owners use their browser for search, making it the #1 activity on mobile browsers.[1] If you are a local business optimizing your company’s website to leverage mobile search activity can lead to a big boost in both website conversions and your store’s foot traffic.


Local SEO utilizes many of the same ranking factors that affect regular SEO, likekeyword research, Meta Descriptions, optimized URLs, etc., but also contain a geographic element that gives an additional rank boost to the domain when a search engine user enters query parameters that meet with both the topic and the location the user specifies.  Localization of users is something that Google has been doing for a while now.  Anyone logged into a standard Google app that has filled out their profile with their home address will automatically be localized when performing a search for a product, location, or service.  Mobile devices also enable this feature by default using the system’s gps to coordinate nearby restaurants, get maps to destinations, or shopping centers.  The top reason for using mobile phones for local search is because information is needed on-the-go, with almost 56% of mobile phone users having selected their phone for that reason. 1



Local search rank is also calculated based on your company’s physical address as the search engines know it (they pull from 3 national business listings warehouses), your proximity to the town’s center point as listed on Google Maps, the number of business citations found for your company,  and your registered Google Places account information and verification.  In addition to these back-end ranking factors, Local SEO is also greatly affected by local signals like reviews, shares, likes, +1s, and positive indicators from external social networks.


Search Lab Marketing provides Local SEO services to help our clients perform better in localized Google and mobile searches.  We will work with you to claim and verify your local listings pages, build up your website citations, implement the Name, Address, Place (NAP) listings on your website, and enhance your website’s current on-page elements to contain your desired geographic targets.



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