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These local SEO tips are for local businesses who want to improve their visibility and rankings in local search results.

Depending on your business category, and how your website is set-up locally, you might not be able to implement all of these local SEO tips, but implementing even 65% of them is enough for most local searches to rank highly in the local search results.

Local SEO Tip: Companies these days are making significant impacts using local search engine optimization techniques, as it helps you benefit by targeting your regional market. GeoSEO is one such SEO company, offering local SEO consultancy to help local businesses. The company has also designed GeoSEO plug-in; it’s a powerful local SEO plug-in. It’s an easy, simple but effective way to popularize your business and bring your name to the first page of search results. It helps local business to gain search engine rankings based upon their geographical location.

Local SEO Tip: Website reviews are holding increasing weight in local SEO. Generate positive buzz around your brand and company in your area.

Local SEO Tip: If you or anyone in the company has not done any local blogging before, set aside an afternoon to do local research and some great local guides and strategies on what works well in your industry to capture the attention of your local audience as well as the local search engine results.

Local SEO Tip: Have an address in the local town or city that you’re targeting. Without local address there, you can’t rank high in the local search results for that location. You can, however, still rank in the normal local search results for geographic keywords, which are normally displayed above the local Google maps.

Local SEO Tip: Create Google Plus local page and verify. After creating your Google Plus Local page, verify your address, local url (by linking to your Google Plus Local page from your website).

Local SEO Tip: Remove duplicate content on your Local pages. If your address, local business’s name or phone number are listed on more than one Local page, then delete duplicate local listings. Read more local SEO Tips.

Local SEO Tip: Add a unique content to your Local pages. Write a 400 plus word description of your company (which includes description of your local services and keywords), and upload 3-5 photos and at least 1 video. Read more local SEO Tips.

Local SEO Tip: Choose appropriate local keywords on your Local pages. Choose local keywords that accurately describe your company and ensure that your local keyword choices state what your business is (e.g. Plumber Morristown, NJ, heating repair Morristown, NJ , etc.), rather than the services you provide or the products you sell. Read more local SEO Tips.

Local SEO Tip: Have a local phone number. List a local phone number, with an area code associated to the local town or city that you’re targeting. Read more local SEO Tips.

Local SEO Tip: Geographically targeting. If your business services specific cities or area it may be good to geographically target audience to make sure you come up on Google for geo targeted searches.  A business might decide to include the name of their city, state and zip code in the page title and the page content. Read more local SEO Tips.

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Local SEO Tip: Search engines like Google does not like local pages that consists mainly of links, so it's better keep them under 50 per page. Having many internal outgoing links does not get you any local ranking, it could even make your situation worse. Read more local SEO Tips.

Local SEO Tip: Having more local content (relevant content like "keyword city, state" which is different from the content on other sites) is a real boost for your local site's rankings in local search results.

Local SEO Tip: Frequent changes in your local page content are favored. It is great when you constantly add new content to your local page but it is not so great when you only make small updates to existing content. Read more local SEO Tips.

Local SEO Tip: Bold and italic are another way to emphasize important local keywords and local phrases. However, use bold, italic on your local keywords within reason because otherwise you might achieve just the opposite effect of your local SEO.

Local SEO Tip: Remember, Local SEO will help you capture a specific market.  To capture that market means that your listing will soar to the top of a list of search results, and to be on the first page of various localized searches is more important than being on another page for one popular, but basic search term.

Local SEO Tip: The design that you create must be easy to operate, and must have high quality, accurate content to flesh it out. The team here at GeoSEO will help you accomplish this objective.

Local SEO Tip: Make sure to research all the appropriate Local SEO keywords and right local key phrases, and then insert them on the website. Sometimes, some local keywords in one region may be more popular than in another. Keyword density should be observed as well.

Local SEO Tip: Language style used in content has to be familiar to population in certain locations. Nothing can damage your credibility like displaying content that asserts one thing while the language itself shows another. Remember, readers are very susceptible to local slangs and dialects. They will realize when language doesn’t “ring true.”

Local SEO Tip: Information in your website must always be updated. Static websites are in danger of losing their rank. If a site is not frequently filled with new content, there is nothing to draw customers to return. In order to master these tips and truly elevate your business it is essential to learn about main elements of the Local SEO.

Local SEO Tip: Most businesses try to concentrate their attention on reaching high Google search engine results. To get listed in the free local directories is the first step to obtain local traffic.

Local SEO Tip: Some businesses want to do registration of their domain names with their current business addresses. They believes that the address that the website is registered gives a rank to local search results.

Local SEO Tip: Having websites for each services of your business can mislead consumers and reduce your traffic.

Local SEO Tip: By creating new content, whether it’s blog, industry announcements, local news or event recaps, you expand the number of pages which can be optimizes with new keywords. Hence, new content brings traffic to your website.

Local SEO Tip: Including content links on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus help search engine to track these links back to your site.

Local SEO Tip: To determine relevancy search engines scan text in the website. Therefore, it is better to include transcripts or text in the form of captions to any videos and audios in your website. Otherwise search engines will not recognize anything.

Local SEO Tip: Keywords are the most important source of power in your site’s SEO. Therefore, input correct keywords are essential step to bring traffic to your website. They should be accurate and relevant in order to attract pertinent consumers.

Local SEO Tip: Make sure you add local contact details, at least location and phone number. Including contact information gives friendly attitude to those who want to make a business with you. They can feel free contacting you.

Local SEO Tip: Any review, whether it is bad or good, shows your perspicuity, honesty, credibility and actuality. Encourage reviews by asking customers to leave them in your social network pages, invoices, and order pages. Your desire to get feedback proves that the information which you provide is real. Therefore, it improves you chances to gain local traffic and great opportunity to correct issues.

Local SEO Tip: Before choosing right keywords to your website “Put yourself into customers’ shoes” and find out what keyword would you like to type. Sometimes it is better to focus on less popular keywords too that have a higher probability of making sales instead of limiting yourself just with popular keywords that will drive a lot of traffic.

Local SEO Tip: Building local structure includes creating an account and adding page with contact info called Contact page. This page is very important in search engine results.

Local SEO Tip: The purpose of creating keywords is to find the most relevant words for your business that also have the highest local monthly requests.

Local SEO Tip: SEO recommends using an official post office long listed address. Most directories are smart enough to shorten and abbreviate your long listing style if needed.

Local SEO Tip: Review websites are holding increasing weight in local SEO. Take the initiative and look for niche relevant websites to generate positive buzz around your brand and company.

Local SEO Tip: It’s a fact that Google cares about how quick your website loads. So make sure your website is fast.

Local SEO Tip: Create a specific page in your website for a specific location of your business, and give all the information including the physical location of your business and contact details of that particular location of your business.

Local SEO Tip: For finding your business locally, it is very important to list your business in Local places of search engines. You need to list your business in Google places, Yahoo Places and Bing Places.

Local SEO Tip: Online reviews make your business live in local market. Concentrate on Google Local Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local Places and one more very important place for online reviews is Yelp.

Local SEO Tip: Search engines will give more authority if your business name, address and phone number are listed with correct contact information everywhere.

Local SEO Tip: Using blogging, you can target more visitors from your targeted location. As a local business, you should share some valuable information with your local customers.

Local SEO Tip: If you search some keyword in Google by using your mobile and your desktop at the same time, you will get different results in mobile from your desktop results.




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