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Any business that attracts their customers locally should take into consideration local SEO. If your business has a physical address in a city and want to attract clients to go there, at first, you should be doing local SEO for your address.

Local SEO in a primary significance is different from National SEO with a few unique characteristics.

The most important feature is that for Local SEO you need to establish and claim a local profile on Google. Your local listing is what will display (usually) for localized results.

Local SEO Tip: Using blogging, you can target more visitors from your targeted location. As a local business, you should share some valuable information with your local customers.

Also the most significant element of Local SEO is called a citation. What does  “citation” mean? Citation is any place uses your business Name, Address, Phone number on the same place, page, in the same style, structure, and configuration as your local listing.

There is third feature that differs National and Local SEO – reviews. Quality and quantity of review left for your company on Google Places page is most of the most significant local ranking factors.

Local SEO Tip: Having websites for each services of your business can mislead consumers and reduce your traffic.

For effective Local SEO of your website follow these advices:

Google uses certain method, called “centroid bias”. This method means that if someone searches for, say, New Jersey stylist there will be a bias towards the stylist locations that are closest to the center of the requested city or region. Also it is important for a business in a neighboring city to rank for a metro keyword.

Let your customers or clients know that they can estimate their experience with you on your Google Places profile. Create page on your site, where people can leave reviews. Of course, if you want positive reviews from your clients, you need to provide a product and service that warrants them.

Local SEO Tip: Create a specific page in your website for a specific location of your business, and give all the information including the physical location of your business and contact details of that particular location of your business.

You should be getting new citations on your site, reviews, social mentions and links each and every month.

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