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It is widely known that Google accounts for two-thirds of Internet searches.[1] In order to be seen and “picked” first, your website must rank on Google’s first page. Local SEO increases the visibility of your business in geographically related searches. It’s a different game from traditional SEO, and it’s one of our core competencies. Especially, if your business is a direct service based business that needs to attract local customers, GeoSEO software is right for you!


We create a simple and effective way for you to gain online exposure and reach your target audience by ensuring that your business comes up first on organic search results.  Here’s an example:


Let’s say someone in New Jersey is looking for a hardware store near where they live. The first thing they’re likely to do is go onto their browser and search “Hardware store Clifton, NJ”. With GeoSEO, your website and information will be the first to pop up for searches in any town that you have selected.


You have the option to select as many locations as you like to ensure that you’ll show up as a prime option for each location you’ve selected, even if you’re located in a different area. Seems incredibly simple, right? We’re happy to say that in this case, it is.




The Process



If your business is a direct service based business that needs to attract local customers, GeoSEO can help you. GeoSEO was designed to help local businesses gain search engine rankings based upon their geographic location. GeoSEO works extremely well when potential customers search for your industry and include a city name or zip code within their search terms. This practice has become standard for many people as search results have become filled with spam and results in companies that are not near the client.


In order for customers to find your website, it needs to be highly populated, meaning that it needs to have lots of pages.  GeoSEO creates a series of pages based on your keywords and location you serve, so that one website with 10 to 15 pages will have hundreds thousands, or even million pages.  This will increase your relevancy and ultimately, your ranking.


After that our software is going to consolidate all of these keywords and reconfigure the site using our GeoSEO “white hat” recipe… for those who haven’t heard the term before, ‘white hat’ guarantees that all of our SEO methods are legitimate and adhere to Google’s guidelines for optimization… After this process, our GeoSEO software generates hundreds of pages, each one designed specifically for an individual keyword phrase.  When we’re done, there will be a customized page for each keyword and city your business services.  And while we’re at it, we’ll also give this site a much-needed facelift.


We then closely monitor consumer traffic and assess ways to increase that traffic based on the data we’ve collected.


Lastly, we’ll inform you of the results of your marketing efforts along the way, so you can see the real-time benefits of your new local presence on the World Wide Web.


Questions? Join Us today and see what GeoSEO can do for your business.



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