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There is a lot of information on the Internet about why you should work with a search engine optimization company, ( SEO ) how to pick one, and what results to expect. Something that isn’t covered very often but is just as important is how to work with your SEO company and how to make the most out of your partnership.


Local SEO Tip: Remember, Local SEO will help you capture a specific market.  To capture that market means that your listing will soar to the top of a list of search results, and to be on the first page of various localized searches is more important than being on another page for one popular, but basic search term.

As with any consulting firm you hire, the goal is to work together to ensure the success of your project. It is important to learn how you can work together with your SEO company, and not against them, so that the end result is a win-win situation for both sides. It is very common for companies to hire an SEO company and then unintentionally do things that could potentially damage the work done by the SEO company.


Below is a list of things you can do to ensure the success of your site optimization.


1. Make all suggested changes
You have made the decision to hire your SEO company, now you will need to be sure to trust them to do what needs to be done to improve your site rankings. This means that if they provide you with changes to make to your site, you need to make the changes. At some point you have probably heard someone talk about the fact that they aren’t getting good results from their SEO company – and what you will typically find is that the company hasn’t implemented the changes requested by the company. You may not completely understand or agree with some of the changes that are suggested and decide not to make all of the changes. Search Engine Optimization involves many different elements that all work together to improve your site’s ranking. If you pick and choose which changes you want to implement, you won’t receive the results you are expecting.



Local SEO Tip: If you or anyone in the company has not done any local blogging before, set aside an afternoon to do local research and some great local guides and strategies on what works well in your industry to capture the attention of your local audience as well as the local search engine results.

2. Coordinate all site changes with your SEO company
In companies today you might have different functional groups involved in putting together a web site. You might have a designer, a copy writer, an IT group, a webmaster, someone from marketing, an owner, as well as your search engine optimization company. All groups have changes that they want to make to the web site at one point. You will want to be really careful and run all of the changes through your SEO company. SEO companies have to optimize many different areas of your web site and a lot of the changes involve tags, or special codes that you can’t see. If you try to change an image or some text on your web page, it might cause problems with the changes your SEO company has implemented to optimize your site. You might not know about this problem until you all of a sudden see your site go down in the rankings. These types of changes could take a while to notice, to find the mistake, to update, and then to regain your ranking.


3. Leave SEO changes up to SEO company
With all of the resources available and as we all become more Internet savvy, it is tempting sometimes to think you have the search engine optimization techniques figured out after a few months. You don’t want to make the mistake of thinking that you can implement a few changes yourself and help the SEO company. There are a lot of things that the SEO company does that you may not even be aware of. You should coordinate all changes through the SEO company. It is OK to have ideas and suggestions – but route them through the SEO company so that they can know about the changes and verify them.
4. Notify SEO company of all company or product changes
In order to improve your ranking, your SEO company may create landing pages, or content pages for your site. These pages will be designed around the products and services that your company offers. If you change your products or your services, discontinue some, or add new ones, you should let your SEO company know so that they can make the appropriate adjustments.


5. Make smart link exchange choices
By now we all know the importance of reciprocal links for a web site. The challenge is to appropriately use linking to your advantage, and not to your detriment. The only part of reciprocal linking that counts is when a popular site links to your site. You need to avoid having broken links, links to inappropriate sites, links to sites that use unethical marketing techniques, and links that aren’t beneficial to your visitors. You spend a lot of money to get visitors to come to your site, your goal is to keep them on your site, not to leave to go to another site. Also, if a site is banned by a search engine and you are linked to that site, it could affect your site in the search engine as well. If you still want to pursue exchanging links, be sure to work with your SEO company to review all links and to use this method in a way that will be most beneficial to you.


6. Have realistic expectations
There are some unethical and inexperienced SEO companies out on the Internet that are charging a lot of money and making a lot of unattainable promises. It is important when you select an SEO company to work with that you have realistic expectations and that you discuss them together up front. There are a lot of variables and the results will not be the same for every company. A successful Internet Marketing campaign should be customized for each company and designed to meet the specific goals of that company. Search Engine Optimization is typically an on-going process and in some cases may take moths to achieve the end result. When working with an SEO company, be sure to be patient and hold them accountable based on the original agreed upon goals.




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