Geo SEO Targeting

Geo targeting SEO is the method of optimized content to site users based on their location (their country, region, state, city, district, neighborhood zip code, etc. )

Website geo targeting is a proven way of effective, organic, successful search engine optimization.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is international/national/statewide/countywide/citywide or regional, one of the best ways to geo target a website is to create an individual, optimized area profile page for each region you want to target. So that you can reach out as far and wide as you want in your geo-targeting strivings.

For example, if you are an international company, you might, at first, optimize area profile pages for the countries and major cities you want to target. A nationwide geo-targeting campaign might involve optimized area profile pages for each state/county and major city you want to target.

Area profile pages should involve a general specification of the locale and relevant  area data such as demographics, economy, social, geographic location, etc. Of course, you also want to involve information about your business, services/products, property search, contact info, etc.


Who Uses It?

Geo targeting is used in a variety of spheres, from real estate to online marketing. In addition, Geo targeting has uses in a Digital Rights Management capacity with online video players like that restrict content due to the country of visitors. This is because videos and movies must only be shown in properly licensed areas. Google even uses geo targeting when answering search queries with localized selections.

Advertisers like to employ geolocation information about visitors to show them ads that refer to their location, and websites can show specific information, product characteristics, prices, and currency value to someone depending on where they are.


How Does It Work?

If you think about some international websites, visitor have the option to choose their country of location in order to enter the information of the website that has content dependent on their country.

In Internet marketing, automated databases are used in which a client’s residence can be defined by using geolocation software. There are various types of geolocation software which extend from country-measure to city/zip-code measure. The databases can check with a visitor’s zip code or other determining information to an IP address inside the database in order to define the residence of someone. There are more than 4 billion IP addresses in the world, so tracing of where IP addresses are allocated or reallocated, networks being built, and more is a big task to take on. Like to web spidering, these databases use methods and bots to crawl the IP address information to provide that it is accurate. Accessible ad space on a web page goes into real-time bidding mode as the page is downloading in order to define which advertisement the visitor will see.


What Is It Used For?

  • Geo targeting is often used to localize content across the world, but it has other uses too.
  • PPC ads also can be geo targeted to only be visible to visitors in certain zip codes, states, or countries.
  • Copyrighted information like videos can be defended from streaming in unauthorized residences.
  • Geo targeting can permit demographic data can be tied to certain IP addresses and used to create a picture of city data.
  • Geo targeting can be used to tailor content to a certain IP address depending on the speed of its Internet connection.
  • Local businesses can promote services or products to their own city.
  • Content shown to visitors can also be based on the local time zone.


What Are The Benefits of Geo targeting?

An example of whom geo targeting can help is small businesses reach a global audience by concentrating their ad budget on certain geographical areas they want to serve to. The ad campaign is deemed to be much more exact this way because the ads reach a targeted audience to which the advertisement is pertinent.


Geo targeting Tips & Advice

  • For more effective Geo targeting you need to apply Google map on your website page.
  • Target where your purchasers are. If you are an online retailer, for example, and you can only ship to one state, for example New Jersey State, target this state. If you are a yacht marketer, consider targeting the Pacific Northwest where it’s constantly raining.
  • Eliminate locations where they are not. In Search Engine Optimization, exclusion can be almost as important as inclusion. Fancy the shipping example again: if your company can’t ship to California or Montana, exclude those states from your geo target.
  • Think about using Google Trends to see who is interested in your product or service. Google can tell you who is searching for a certain keyword and how often.
  • Try out comprising the targeted location’s name in your advertising if possible. It can help your ad show up in search engine results.
  • If you’re using AdWords, there is an option you can use to shrink the scope geo targeted locations: instead of allowing Google to target ads to people searching about a location, change the setting to only people in your targeted location.
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