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web development and seoGreat Web site design and great Web site optimization go hand in hand. As SEO becomes more of a commodity than an art form, the entire spectrum of the Web site experience must be examined to achieve results. First Click clients can expect Web site development that considers “The Conversion Rule” first and foremost. What’s the point of great SEO and on-site optimization if the traffic generated does not lead to conversions? We believe effective online marketing must blend compelling web site design with engaging call to action and scientifically proven on-site search optimization.


Local SEO Tip: Bold and italic are another way to emphasize important local keywords and local phrases. However, use bold, italic on your local keywords within reason because otherwise you might achieve just the opposite effect of your local SEO.


 Link building

Successful link building begins with great research and content development. FirstClick conducts research internally on our clients’ services, products, and competitors and applies content writing best practices to produce unique, interesting content that you want to read and the search engines want to recognize. We customize content strategy around the particular case and needs of our clients. The implementation may include article writing, blog development, strategic social media promotions, and proprietary approaches we would love to share with you.




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