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Every search engine expert knows how crucial keywords and phrases are; in fact, some might go so far as to say: every keyword is a campaign


Target One Local Keyword Phrase at a Time


Let’s back up for a minute here. What is a local keyword phrase?

A local keyword phrase is generally one or two words combined with location that are used by advertisers in search engine optimization, or by visitors who are using search engines in order to find information based on that particular local phrase. For example, an advertiser that provides local plumbing services might use “Plumber Morristown, NJ” as a local keyword phrase to draw more visitors interested in the topic. On the other hand, visitors to a search engine looking to hire local plumber would also use the keyword phrase “Plumber Morristown, NJ” in the search engine, which would then match the local keyword phrase with websites that offer that service in or around that location. GeoSEO conducts market research and local keyword research to determine the best targets for your website visitors. While you may have a list of twenty local keywords that you want to target, you must consider each as a separate campaign. Why?


It’s simple, really; search engines like Google rank pages, and you need to give them what they need in order to rank your page. This means that you must provide the content that they’re looking for and send enough links to your pages to let the search engines know they are relevant and important.


Most importantly, never forget the local customer. A local search term will do you no good if you neglect to mention the location you serve.


Note: search keyword phrases that are used in Meta Tags content are no longer frequently used by search engines to index pages. Major search engines such as Google no longer look for keyword phrases in the Meta Tags, and are more apt to use the information within the actual text of the web page. Listing the local keyword phrases in the in Meta Tags does not do any harm though, but is completely up to the website to whether they will use local keyword phrases in the in Meta Tags content.



The Local Campaign Factors

Hopefully by now, we’ve convinced you that a campaign for each local keyword term is absolutely essential. But how do we determine how big that campaign will be and how much time we’ll need to give the search engines and searchers what they want?

Here are the factors that determine the extent of your campaign:


Domain Age
Your Conversion Goals



First, How many other pages are targeting this local keyword phrase? More importantly, how many are intentionally and aggressively targeting this phrase. Do they have the keyword in the title, description, on the page several times, or, did they simply mention the term on their page? This happens a lot in Local SEO; no local businesses are targeting and repeating an important term, so other sites that simply mention the term once are ranking Don’t believe us? Test this theory yourself by going to Google and typing, for example: “site:competitorsite.com plumber Morristown NJ.” You will see how many pages your competitor actually has that contain the local keyword phrase. Chances are, it won’t be very many.


Even for the same term in a different location, competition may vary. It just depends on whether or not competitors in that town have begun their serious, small business SEO campaigns, or whether they are flying by the seat of their pants, so to speak.


By campaigning with a certain phrase, you will be able to set yourself apart from other sites who haven’t mastered this concept. Your campaign may be a single page, five pages or 50 pages or more. It depends on the term, and on the strength and visibility of your competition.


Search engines rank pages, not websites. This is important to keep in mind when it comes to local SEO. Even if Yellow Pages or Super Pages is ranking number one for your local keyword phrase in each town you serve, you are competing against that page, not the Super Pages website. They have around 4.5 – 10 million pages and millions of internal and external links across United States. It’s about 50,000 pages for each town, and at this point you are probably scratching your head wondering, “How am I going to compete with them by creating so many pages?”


Our specialist at GeoSEO can help you outrank your local competition by creating local pages and optimizing it to your local keyword phrases. Please watch our video presentation to learn more.



Domain Age


Is Domain Age Important SEO for Search Engine Rankings?

The short answer to the question is yes, domain age is an important SEO factor in determining your search engine ranking. The age refers not to the initial launch date of the site, but the oldest date that runs back to the indexable content. Among the hundreds of weighting factors that search engine considers in determining how to rank results, the age of your domain name is one of the most important. In other words, it’s important to take into consideration how long that domain name has been in existence.


If a domain has been registered for 5 years but has no actual website up, or nothing that search engines have ever found, is the same as a domain name that you bought yesterday.


For more information please read our article “How Important is Domain Age for SEO & Ranking in Google?”



Your Conversion Goals


What do you want the local visitor to do once they get to your local page? What action do you want them to take? Is your local page created to lead them to this action?


If you want people to contact you, make it clear. Put your phone number in the header and make your contact form visible.


When you visit a new site, how long does it take you to decide if you’ll stay or not? If the site is slow-loading, do you move on before it finishes? What if there’s a Flash introduction splash page? Do you wait while it loads to watch it? If the site’s content looks dull, do you close the window and go elsewhere? What grabs your attention?


According to a few recent studies, typical website visitors decided within ten seconds if they’d stay or leave a site. That’s not very long, is it?! More recently, studies have shown that time frame has been cut in half to five seconds. And you thought ten seconds was bad!


Your site must grab immediate attention for visitors to decide to stay, and then there must also be solid reasons for them to return, to bookmark your site, and to tell their friends and colleagues about your site.


GeoSEO has solid understanding of web technology and how to build a website from SEO perspective. We will consider each and every one of the factors listed above as we work to help customers find—and remember—your website.



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