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Make a Statement – Customized SEO, SEM, and E-Marketing solution that is right for your business

Advertising channels are so saturated these days that you need great creative just to get noticed. Otherwise your voice drowns in the crowd and you may as well flush your advertising dollars down the toilet.



From banners to search engine optimization (SEO), newsletters to Google optimized product feeds, Digital Ray’s creative team has the edge to cut through the clutter and deliver your message.


Local SEO Tip: Have an address in the local town or city that you’re targeting. Without local address there, you can’t rank high in the local search results for that location. You can, however, still rank in the normal local search results for geographic keywords, which are normally displayed above the local Google maps.


But fantastic creative isn’t enough by itself. Custom E-Commerce Marketing is what your company really needs.

Key to marketing your products and services on the web is developing an integrated marketing strategy such as using SEM(AdWords) as a tool to identify effective keywords for SEO . What does that mean in plain English?



It means optimizing your site to rank high in the search engines with quality keywords, building and utilizing opt-in email lists, issuing search engine optimized (SEO) timely press releases, creating lucrative SEM pay-per-click campaigns and launching a profitable affiliate network.



In other words, driving highly-qualified traffic to your site any way you can.
No single avenue is the answer. A multi-pronged approach is the tried and tested way to turn your marketing efforts into dollars. That is why we provide Custom e-commerce marketing services that fit your business needs.




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