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Search Engine Optimization: Pivotal Key to an Overall Website Strategy 

Quite simply, if you have a beautiful website and it hasn’t been optimized to be searchable by the search engines, you’re losing traffic. And that means you’re losing business. An ever-evolving discipline, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is based on the facts of how search engines index and classify content. There are literally dozens of tactics to improve your web content search engine rankings.

Local SEO Tip: Create Google Plus local page and verify. After creating your Google Plus Local page, verify your address, local url (by linking to your Google Plus Local page from your website).


True SEO requires a strategy, not just a tactic or two (such as rewriting your website content with an overzealous approach to keyword placement rather than focusing on quality writing or worse, slapping up keyword-stuffed articles).


At Cybermed Marketing, we pride ourselves on staying on top of the most up-to-date strategies because when it comes to SEO, what worked yesterday more than likely isn’t going to give your website a leading edge today. In fact, here’s something you may not know. There’s a movement afloat to begin considering findability as a value for rising high in the search engine ranks, as well as a possibility that is right around the corner, having your content rated on context.


Local SEO Tip: Choose appropriate local keywords on your Local pages. Choose local keywords that accurately describe your company and ensure that your local keyword choices state what your business is (e.g. Plumber Morristown, NJ, heating repair Morristown, NJ , etc.), rather than the services you provide or the products you sell. Read more local SEO Tips.


We stay on top of the search engine trends so you don’t have to

Findability means that, in addition to playing the Google game, your website will need to focus on how easily and quickly your users will be able to find the information they need. Once Google and other search engines begin rating oncontext, websites with keyword-stuffed articles or overzealous keyword placement in content will actually drop in rank.

In 2011, Google published its plan to roll out approximately 500 improvements for website searching. That’s in addition to the widely recognized “Panda update.” And it’s a lot of improvements for our customers to try and stay on top of. Cybermed Marketing recognizes the art and science of the SEO game. It’s our job to keep a watchful eye on the evolving algorithm rating systems so you can focus on what you know best—your business.

At Cybermed, we help our clients focus on delivering the best possible user experience for its site visitors. While we certainly keep a stealthy eye on SEO trends, we understand first and foremost how imperative it is for our customers’ websites to be delivering high-quality content. SEO is just one aspect of the search engine game, albeit an important one.

Call (or fill out the form on the left) today for a free consultation on how we can help you with your overall website strategy. We can advise you on SEO strategies to ensure that you’re getting high-quality traffic and consult with you on how you can deliver the optimal website user experience.



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