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Search Engine Optimization is an indispensible process from any website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Involves dozens of factors which include on page optimization, off page optimization, and the inclusion of social media to generate better rankings.



In a simple form, SEO is used to rank a website higher when a user types in certain keywords into the search engines. Search Demand, an Orange County SEO based company, addresses all of these factors when clients join.


Local SEO Tip: If you or anyone in the company has not done any local blogging before, set aside an afternoon to do local research and some great local guides and strategies on what works well in your industry to capture the attention of your local audience as well as the local search engine results.


We begin with specific keywords research. We analyze the site and the services or products that the site targets. Based on those factors we optimize the site content, structure and navigation, appropriate tags, and evaluate the user friendliness.

Then we approach offsite factors, which includes identifying appropriate web pages that contain relevant content and we aim to generate links from those websites. Link building is recognized as the highest value search engine optimization activity, as links determine the authority or importance of a web page.

Acquiring these links is also one of the hardest activities when done correctly. By spamming web pages such as blogs, forums, and non related websites the site can actually be banned from the search engines and contribute to the clutter in the internet.



But when done correctly, link building raises the SEO efforts to another level. It is both an art and a science that has taken Search Demand founders a long time to build and implement into our own search engine optimization strategies.



If you are a website owner consider evaluating our site before even contacting Search Demand. Put together a list of keywords from the products or services you offer. Use that basic list and conduct a search to see if you are ranking in the first 10 pages of your favorite search engine.

Don’t worry about optimizing your site yourself. By doing some basic analysis on your site you will increase the awareness of your site’s performance. If you are not ranking at all, or don’t even have a website yet, putting together that list will actually help us get a quick start into what type of industry you are in and the actual vertical.


Local SEO Tip: The design that you create must be easy to operate, and must have high quality, accurate content to flesh it out. The team here at GeoSEO will help you accomplish this objective.


We will of course expand the list or even eliminate some keywords we don’t believe should be part of your SEO strategy.

Contact Search Demand to discuss what our Search Engine Optimization services can do for you.



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